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          Tracking Your Parcel
          Tracking Number Identifying Code
          Express Server
              IBT as one class agent for most of famous brand express company, provide high grade, fast and safe service for clients. We are able to offer you DHL,UPS,FEDEX ,TNT,EMS, ARAMEX etc. Your parcel is available to finish the dispatch in 3-7 days. A track number is pointed to a parcel. You will easy to search the track status on our website: http://www.fhqb666.com... more
          Air Parcel Service
              A huge of sellers from Ebay or Alibaba had already enjoyed choosing air parcel service from us. Cost performance is the biggest advantage for that. This is suitable for the parcel below 2kg. For instance, a 50g parcel is delivered from China to U.S.A, the freight only cost USD 0.7. The deadline for air parcel service is about 10-20 working days... more
          Stock Service
              If you a B2C seller , the inventory management must be a quite complex process to you. You should arrange the purchase planning, inventory query, shelf management, label printing, parcel sorting and delivery the orders. All of them must occupy your huge time and energy... more
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